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Point Architects offers a comprehensive range of integrated services that are tailored for each project.

Understanding the client’s needs and the scope of work

  • Preparing construction budgets
  • Investigating site opportunities and constraints
  • Understanding surrounding and contextual built form language
  • Masterplanning of sites
  • The ongoing process of written and drawn form
  • Establishing a consultant team


Planning approval and regulatory matters
We ensure our designs meet:

  • Local authority requirements
  • Building codes
  • Australian standards

ESD (Environmental Sustainable Design)

We integrate sustainable design principles at every stage.

Design development and documentation

We refine approved designs for cost effective tendering and construction costs.

Contract administration and construction supervision

We fulfil contractual obligations, without prejudice, between the client and contractor in terms of:

  • Progress payments
  • Quality control
  • Approved works carried out
  • Retention of monies to contract obligations